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Calm And Beautiful Pictures Of A Woman Giving Birth At Home

This woman is a lesson in chill to us all.

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Rosario told BuzzFeed that "the mother in the story and I strongly believe that this needs to be shown to the world just to show other women that home water-births can be done safely."

Kathy Rosario / Via

She regularly photographs babies, and has documented six births, including this one, was keen to highlight how "completely calm" the atmosphere was during this delivery. "The room smelled of lavender and the mother was almost in a meditative state in between her contractions. She was happy, smiling, and laughing," she said.


When she found out that her friend was planning on giving birth at home, Rosario said that she was especially keen to capture the process.

Kathy Rosario / Via

"It made me question why so many women without complications have hospital births, although it's obviously important to have a trained midwife at the birth and an emergency backup plan, as we did here," she told us.

Rosario said during all the births she's captured she witnessed “men step up and be there for their women. Watching the bonds they share is so touching and inspiring.”

The shoot took around two hours, from before the baby was born, right up until when the mother began breastfeeding afterwards.

Kathy Rosario / Via

"I think these babies are going to love seeing these photos one day! I mean, how cool is it to see yourself coming into the world. I know I would love to," she said.