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    Jeb Bush Wants To Put Margaret Thatcher On The $10 Note

    When Republican presidential candidates picked the women they'd like to see on the $10 bill on Wednesday night, Donald Trump chose his daughter Ivanka.

    Earlier this year, the US Treasury announced that it will put a woman on the $10 note, and Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has said he'd like it to be Margaret Thatcher.

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    During a televised debate in California on Wednesday night, Republicans in the running for the presidential candidacy, including Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, and Ben Carson, were asked to nominate who they would like to see on the $10 bill when a woman appears on the note for the first time in history.

    "I would go with Ronald Reagan's partner, Margaret Thatcher," Bush, son of former US President George H.W. Bush and brother of former President George W. Bush, said.

    Bush added: "A strong leader is what we need in the White House, and she certainly was a strong leader that restored the United Kingdom into greatness."

    He noted, however, that it might be "illegal" for Thatcher to appear on the note because she was foreign.

    Some suggested that Thatcher herself would have supported the idea.

    Margaret Thatcher would also have put Margaret Thatcher on the $10

    But not everybody was on board.

    The only reaction to @JebBush suggesting Margaret Thatcher be on 10 dollar bill

    Other nominations for women who might fit the bill were Mother Theresa, nominated by John Kasich, and Rosa Parks, chosen by Marco Rubio.

    Donald Trump suggested his daughter Ivanka, and Ben Carson said he would like to see his mother on the $10 bill.


    Ben Carson said he would put his mother on the $10 bill. A previous version of this article said he chose his wife for the honour.