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A Solo Violinist Played A Moving Tribute For Victims Of The Paris Attack

The anonymous player left mourners speechless.

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A solo violinist gave a moving performance at a vigil for the victims of the Paris terror attacks held in London's Trafalgar Square on Saturday.

The anonymous player emerged from the crowd and played two impromptu pieces, before quickly packing up and disappearing again, according to Mashable, where you can watch a full video of the performance.

He shouted "Vive la France" as the crowd cheered him, Mashable added.

This guy turned up at the Trafalgar Square solidarity gathering and silenced thousands of people. I have no words

The sombre crowd at the vigil, attended by thousands, was rendered silent by the tribute, which one onlooker tweeted was "incredibly moving".

Violinist plays at the Trafalgar Square #vigil, incredibly moving #Paris

BuzzFeed has reached out to a man thought to be the violin player.