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People Are Overwhelmed By This 9-Year-Old Boy's Video About His Parents’ Divorce

A broken home can be a harmonious home, too.

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A 9-year-old Indonesian boy named Azka Corbuzier has posted an emotional video to YouTube, describing how much happier his family are following his parents' divorce.

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The video, titled The Story of a Broken Home, is made up of slides, illustrated by Azka, that he has also posted to Instagram. They tell the story of his parents' unhappy relationship and subsequent separation.

Rather than tell a sad tale of a family break-up, Azka instead highlights how unhappy it made him when his parents would fight, while their new situation is much more harmonious.

The video explains that Azka remained in the family home with his father, Deddy Corbuzier, a well-known TV presenter in Indonesia, while his mother lives very close by.

Azka explains that his mother comes to his house to see him "almost every day," and that the family spend a lot of time together, both at home and travelling.

Azka, who has more than 78,000 Instagram followers and over 12,000 YouTube subscribers, is a huge social media star in Indonesia, and found that he received numerous questions about his parents' divorce.

The video is his public response to those questions, allowing him to explain that an unconventional family can still be a functioning and very happy one.

"It is not a broken home when you still have love from your parents," he said in the video.

The message of the video is overwhelmingly positive and has received a warm reaction on YouTube, so far generating over half a million views.

Commenters on YouTube have reacted with an outpouring of emotion.


Dek Azka, being a kid with a broken home problem isnt always looks bad ;) Aku contohnya~

The film has resonated strongly with those who have had similar experiences.


With a 90% Muslim population, divorce is still a contentious issue in Indonesia, and commenters have pointed out how important Azka's message is in helping to change attitudes.


The sentiment extends beyond Azka's video, too, with plentiful pictures of the happy family filling his Instagram.

Watch the full video of The Story of a Broken Home here.