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    31 Things To Eat In Southeast London Right Now

    All the best food is south east.

    1. Street food at The Old Nun's Head, Nunhead

    2. Bagels at Brown's, Brockley

    3. Jerk Chicken from Smokey Jerky, New Cross

    Helen Graves / Via

    Or jerk anything, for that matter, because their pork is off the hook too. Make sure you try their homemade hot sauces, but beware, they're H🔥O🔥T.

    4. Pie, mash and liquor at Goddards, Greenwich

    5. Satay chicken Bahn Mi at Panda Panda, Deptford

    6. Sourdough from Ayres the Bakers, Nunhead

    7. Chargrilled octopus at Peckham Bazaar, Peckham

    8. Sausage rolls at The Royal Albert, New Cross

    Royal Albert.

    Always on the bar, just begging to be eaten with your pint.

    9. Fancy Indian food at Babur, Forest Hill


    Babur's elegant and luxurious Indian food, highlights of which include lightly spiced tandoor-cooked venison, quail breast with black sesame seed masala and seared stone bass with fennel chutney, which all come with high-end wine recommendations, is a far cry from the curry and a pint you might be used to. Although if you are after something more casual, they're pretty great at that, too, at their takeaway outlet.

    10. Zeret surprise at Zeret Kitchen, Camberwell

    11. Rare beef pho at Mo Pho, Brockley

    12. Salt beef and pickle sandwich from Brickhouse Bakery, East Dulwich

    13. Hot sauce at Hop, Burns and Black, East Dulwich

    Honourable mention for Hop, Burns and Black's sausage rolls, too.

    14. Lamb Mo Mo at Yak & Yeti, Crystal Palace

    Yak & Yeti

    These mini, stuffed, steamed pancakes are a popular fast food in Kathmandu, and a great introduction to Yak & Yeti's excellent Nepalese menu.

    15. Pasta at Artusi, Peckham

    16. Big (or middle) plate chicken at Silk Road, Camberwell

    17. Thali at Ganapati, Peckham

    18. Charcuterie at Donde Tapas, Honor Oak Park

    19. Spaghetti with Mussels at Il Giardino, Peckham

    20. Tea and cake at Alexandra Nurseries, Penge

    21. Scotch bonnet and pork fat toast at Camberwell Arms, Camberwell

    22. Brunch at No.67, Camberwell

    23. Lamb kebabs at Meze Mangal, Lewisham

    24. Stuff on toast at Peckham Pelican, Peckham

    25. Sourdough Pizza at Mamma Dough, Honor Oak Park

    26. Antipasti from Gennaro Delicatessen, Lewisham

    Gennaro Delicatessen / Via Facebook: italianfoodlondon

    Some might say that the narrow little street that runs round the back of HSBC in Lewisham isn't a culinary hotspot, but those people have obviously not been to Gennaro Delicatessen and discovered the treasure trove of Italian wonders it holds. Fresh bouncy mozzarella, oozy gorgonzola, a bounty of olives and all the charcuterie you've ever dreamed of. Why not get a fresh coffee and a panini to enjoy on the way home, too?

    27. Schabowy pork at Mamuska, Elephant and Castle

    28. Sticky toffee pudding at The Great North Wood, West Norwood

    29. Roast Chicken at the Rosendale, Dulwich

    30. Dim sum at Hong Kong City, New Cross

    31. Spit and Roast fried chicken at Brockley Market, Brockley

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