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How Gushers Won Twitter

In the social media world virality is key. Twitter has been a great outlet for sassy comebacks, relatable memes and complaints over medial everyday happenings.

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What sets Gushers from the rest is how the company has been able to profit.

Via Twitter: @gushers

Profitability does not come just from a new person buying your product. Gushers through their use of memes and funny reactions have been the talk of Twitter. The idea first emerged when someone compared their product to that of a laundry pod. This in turn made Gushers the talk of the day/ week by being continually compared to laundry pods. Luckily Gushers has a sense of humor and was able to clap back, making for an even more entertaining profile. While Gushers might not have directly gained new customers, through engagements alone Gushers is PR done right.

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