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23 People We All Know On Facebook

Because you always dreamed of the day you’d get to know everything about the girl who sat behind you in Math’s lactose intolerant three year old.

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4. The Mary Berry Wannabe

As a student they lived off pot noodles but now they have turned into master bakers, uploading their culinary delights for you to drool over- usually when you’re starving and there's an empty fridge- thanks guys!

6. The Blushing Bride To Be

Did she tell you she’s getting married? Well just encase you’ve forgotten she has a convenient countdown calendar to remind you #2years3months1week2days5hours40minutes30secondstillimmrsbloggs

9. The Proud Mummy

From their entrance to the world, to their first nappy explosion, you’ve watched this generation of half naked small people like an unsolicited Tomorrow’s World Documentary. You wouldn’t be surprised if these kid’s campaign for a social media ban by the time they hit their teens but at least their cute…

16. The Girl Next Door Who Suddenly Became Jail Bait

You still know them as that sweet little kid on the swing - now they’ve grown up, you see them attempt seductive selfies and have to close your eyes and pretend it’s not real.

19. The Girl Who’s Yet To Discover Google

‘Anyone know the telephone number for the fire brigade? house is on fire but had just enough time to update Facebook’ wait a second for me to open up my mental sat nav, and while I’m at it would you like me to grab the lottery numbers for you too?’

20. The Quizmaster

Their celebrity lookalike is Beyonce, they are going to have five children and their name means ’ blessed tree,’ you know this because the Facebook quiz told them so and they shared it for your viewing pleasure.

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