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    27 Signs You Went To Notre Dame

    Haters gonna hate, but you're probably too busy watching Rudy to notice.

    1. Your desktop background is some variation of this:


    2. You probably studied abroad, or went to Africa.

    3. You after a win:

    4. You after a loss:


    5. You find it perfectly acceptable to wear sweatpants to mass (or anywhere, really).


    (At least this kind...)

    7. You show unwavering support for local South Bend establishments.

    (Even if they've consumed your shoes in a pool of sludge)

    8. Without fail, the first question you ask an alum is "what dorm were you in?"


    9. It's likely you've lived with a member of the clergy.

    10. Sometimes you have dreams about the dining hall. They are good dreams.

    11. Your heart races at the very sight of this:

    12. You can perfectly execute every cheer in your sleep.

    13. Few things stir up more anger in you than the words "Bush Push."

    14. You have a hard time finding shirts without shamrocks or monograms on them.

    15. This is a visceral reaction to terms "ResLife" and "DuLac."


    16. You've developed an immunity to frostbite (through experience).

    17. Everything in your life has become a "tradition."

    18. You don't understand why all of the other schools have to hate you so much.


    You're so nice!

    19. Two years out of college, you have more married friends than unmarried friends.

    20. Half of them got married here:

    21. You know the exact location of every scene in Rudy.


    And cry when you watch it, because you miss all of those places

    22. You miss this:

    And this:

    And OMG THIS:

    23. Yep - you miss the leaves, too.

    24. But not as much as you miss Notre Dame Stadium (and the band that comes with it).

    25. There's really not much you DON'T miss.

    26. But even though you're gone, you know that this place will always be a part of you.

    27. And your heart forever... will LOVE THEE NOTRE DAME.

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