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14 Things You Should Know About Grant The Corgi

A few facts about one chubby corgi.

1. This is his favorite position.

2. Even when he's in his polo shirt.

3. Or in the company of a lady.

4. Or children.

5. He was a good little brother.

6. And then a good big brother.

7. And now he's a good little big brother.

8. He's always ready for his closeup.

9. He's got great taste in protective eyewear.

10. He spends his days at the beach.

11. And then goes home to rest.

12. He believes the grass is always greener on the other side.

13. And when he gets there, it really brings out his eyes.

14. One time Grant injured his leg and had to be wheeled around in this wagon for a week. It was the best week of his life.

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