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    The Democratic Kama Sutra Quiz

    Don't just lay down and take it - take our Kama Sutra Quiz to find out which position will get you where you want to go...

    How much time would you want to commit to a position?
    What sort of person do you consider yourself to be?
    If you had to stand up for people, who would it be?
    Which animal do you relate to the most?
    What are you most likely to be doing in your free time?
    Who is your marvel equivalent?
    • Captain America - coureagous, hard-working, a natural born leader.
    • Captain Marvel - Really makes an impact, but likes to do their own thing a lot of the time too.
    • Stan Lee - Person of many ideas, but likes to stay (mostly) behind the scenes
    • Iron Man - Intelligent, creative and driven.
    You have a group project coming up, which person are you?
    Which career would you choose?
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