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    Every Song Ranked On Lady Gaga's "Chromatica"

    Feel free to disagree. Just don't be mean about it.

    14. Sine From Above

    Lady Gaga + Elton John. You bet I had sky high expectations for this one. I get that it's about the importance of music in her life, but the overproduced track took so much away from two incredibly talented vocalists. I expected way more heart and soul from both of them, and instead got a seemingly rushed number that needs a club atmosphere to enjoy to any degree. Do I still want a music video? Absolutely.

    13. Replay

    Too much. It was just too much. The song was at a solid middle position until the chorus, where my head started hurting from a high pitched tone reminiscent of that app that played a pitch only those under 18 could hear so you could annoy everyone in your class except the teacher. Sorry, but this one won't be on "replay" anytime soon (sorry, I had to).

    12. Fun Tonight

    There wasn't anything ~wrong~ with this track, it just felt like it was missing something. The chorus fell a bit flat compared to some of the other tracks on the album and it didn't feel like you could dance to it quite as effortlessly.

    11. Plastic Doll

    Contrary to "Replay" where the chorus let the rest of the song down, "Plastic Doll" had an amazing chorus that you can both sing and dance to and feel like you run the world because of the lyrics, but the rest of the song couldn't keep up with that standard.

    10. Sour Candy

    This duet featuring Blackpink didn't feel like a duet so much as a two parts that happened to work together musically. It would have been nice to hear Gaga and Blackpink together to create more depth and cohesion rather than switching between verse and chorus.

    9. 911

    Yes, I feel horrible for putting such a thematically profound song at this position, but I had a really hard time getting into the robotic textures of this one. I get that it's meant to go with theme of the song, but the music took away from the lyric's message and made it difficult to hear past it.

    8. 1000 Doves

    Although this track might be lacking in lyrical insight, Gaga's voice makes up for it. The stripped down chorus totally works here along with more simple background music during the verses. A great merge of some of the songs from "Joanne" with a dance-friendly spin.

    7. Chromatica I, II, and III

    In my opinion, every album needs a few string arrangements. They help set the tone for songs to come and flow perfectly into the next track. It gives the previous song some breathing room while preparing you for what's to come. Having the three arrangements allowed me to appreciate the musical decadence of many of the tracks on this album without feeling sensory overload.

    6. Babylon

    Please, please, please let there be a video for this one. The visuals were so rich here and the messages so clear it could be a short film. I loved the spoken word style and it was perfectly balanced with instrumental melodies and choir-esque vocals. All together, a perfect ending for the album.

    5. Stupid Love

    This song will always a special place as the first single off the album. It's impossible to listen to this song without picturing the accompanying video that set the scene and tone for the album and introduced us to the planet on which it takes place. In this case, rank has less to do with the song itself, but the emotions it evokes.

    4. Free Woman

    Hello empowerment my best friend! You can't help but feel like you can take on the world while listening to this song and telling everyone off who did you wrong. This track beautifully combined message with music and vocals, where each component works in harmony rather than against each other, vying to outshine. It's a song you can blast and dance to or listen quietly with equal enjoyment and appreciation.

    3. Alice

    Again, music video please. I think everyone can resonate with this song's theme of feeling separated from the world and trying to find where you fit in. It's a perfect pop song that doesn't stop for one second. Once you hit play, you're in for a wild ride. The song goes through different musical sections so you feel like you're really part of a story.

    2. Rain on Me

    This hurt my soul. I wanted so badly to have two songs take the top spot, but in the interest of cold-blooded hierarchy, I had to leave this song at 2 because technically it's Lady Gaga album, not Lady Gaga and friends who happen to be Ariana Grande. It's got plot, it's got heart, it's got a killer video, and I will never not dance my heart out to this one while on the verge of tears because it's simply gorgeous.

    1. Enigma

    This may not be a popular vote, but I felt this song in my soul. The build up to the chorus gets me every time and when Gaga comes with that powerhouse refrain, I totally lose myself in the music. It was like I knew the melody before I heard it and the song brought it out.