SnoopyBabe’s Guide To Turning The V-Day Blues Into A Brand New You

Lessons from the world’s most adorable cat on how to banish the Valentine’s Day blues and reclaim your love life.

1. It’s Valentine’s Day again, and you’re alone, staring wistfully at the door.

2. But alas… no deliveries of love. Not even a tweet to acknowledge your existence.

3. In despair, you gorge yourself on sugary treats…

SnoopyBabe’s Instagram / Via

4. And retreat to mindlessly browsing the internet. Just like every other day of your life.

5. I mean, what else is one to do when your feelings are of only hurt and despair?

6. But NO! No no no! You must stop all feelings of self-pity. And put down the umbrella and go find your own sunshine!

SnoopyBabe’s Instagram / Via Instagram: @snoopybabe

7. Indeed, put on your favorite life-affirming jams….

8. And start putting together the pieces of your life!!

9. Rekindle your relationships with friends and loved ones.

10. Climb the stairway towards your biggest hopes and dreams.

11. Puff and sweat and work that body!

12. Scrub away all your bad hygiene, habits, and humor.

13. And rest your body and soul to your heart’s content.

14. And before you know it, your new body and mind will be setting the world on fire!

15. And that’s when the suitors will come a-flocking…

16. And you, my friend, will be busy snoopily seducing!

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