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A Definitive Ranking Of 13 Disney Princesses By Badassness

The bravery, intelligence, and capacity for love of these girls (or rather, some of these girls) puts us mere mortals to shame.

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12. Snow White


Animal psychic with no sense of danger (e.g., falling asleep in a house clearly occupied by 7 odd men). No wonder she blindly eats an apple from a demented stranger. To then sleep, as per Aurora, only this time to be molested by a man she hasn't even met.

Badass score: 1/10

11. Cinderella


Again, an animal psychic (except when it comes to cats). At least has guts and initiative to ask for permission to go to the dance. And can charm a guy with her moves (vs. with her sleeping).

Badass score: 2/10

10. Ariel


Intellectually curious, goes on illicit adventures, and saves her prince's life. But then agrees to painful plastic surgery in return for... her voice. Can it get any more metaphorical?

Badass score: 3/10

4. Merida


Amazing at archery and horse-riding. Turns down unattractive Scottish guys. Takes responsibility and determinedly sorts out the mess she created. Has the most fabulous hair. And one of the few princesses who is happily single.

Badass score: 9/10

3. Elsa


Wisely halts her sister's decision to marry the awful Hans. Overcomes fear of her own powers to then take control of her kingdom, sing one of the most epic anthems, and above all, allow Olaf to enjoy summer.

Badass score: 9/10

2. Anna


Makes an awful decision to turn over the kingdom to a man she has just met. However, does then trek across Arctic conditions to find her sister and save Elsa's life by throwing herself in front of an oncoming sword.

Badass score: 9.5/10

1. Mulan


Uses her intelligence to kick all of the male soldiers' asses. Fights for her country. Honored as a national hero. But most of all, risks her life to save her father from enlisting. Now, that, is badass.

Badass score: 10/10

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