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Top 7 Proposal Fails

The Proposal is one of the biggest steps in any relationship, so the last thing you want to do is get a No! HINT - Don't take advice from any of these people!

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1. You've just finished your set.... the crowd's great.... adrenaline is running... proposing feels like a great idea... STOP!

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She was horrified by the box...What did he have in it? A spider? Nothing?

2. Busy Food Court.... You can propose then grab a snack.... Everyone's a winner..... WRONG!

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I'm blaming the guitarist for this doing downhill

4. Place you had your first date? Check.... Balloon? Check.... Engagement Ring? Check..... Gust of wind? OH DEAR

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So close... yet so far

5. White Castle is romantic right?... You've planned the proposal to the inch.... but then someone beats you to it.. THE HORROR

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Plus-side he potentially dodged a bullet. She did not seem impressed with a White Castle proposal.

6. Half time at a Basketball game.... and the commentators discover they are foreshadowing experts... AWKWARD

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Can they tell us if Jon Snow is alive though?

7. The Ellen Show.... Millions of people watching.... What more do I need to say? CRINGE

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Drowned out by the jingle bells too...

Proposals don't need to be this horrific; there's plenty of advice and guides available to teach you the Do's & Don'ts of an Engagement Proposal... but here's a few pointers:

- NO flash mobs

- NO live TV

- NO audiences

- YES plan everything

- YES keep it about the two of you

- YES be romantic

Remember.... even Mother Nature can't stop you from getting a Yes!

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