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Caring For Your Classic..... Tips & Tricks

Classic Cars are for life, not just for the Summer! They need care and attention to prevent their age from showing and give you the perfect drive....

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Take it for a spin every couple of weeks... but not literally!

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If you leave your classic for a long period without driving it, the brakes and clutches could stick... causing a serious amount of problems and even failing hydraulics.

To prevent this, just take your classic for a quick spin every couple of weeks - a 5/10 minute drive should be fine - but you want the car to reach its normal running temperature.

Keep It Hydrated..... with Oil & Water

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Classics need regular maintenance between services, unlike newer vehicles... so you regularly need to check the water, oil and fluid levels. A good time to do this is when you're doing your fortnightly drives.

Leave the handbrake off....but don't worry about creating your own!

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The cables in your classic car seize up, so if you leave the handbrake on, the car won't register you letting the brake off after so long... so it's best to leave the handbrake off.

If you're on a slope, either put the car in gear or use chocks under the wheels... just don't try to make your own brake!

Keep it clean... Surfs up!

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Always wash your classic by hand with detergent free soap.... Avoid automated car washes as the cleaning fluids used will be too harsh on the paintwork and could end up ruining your treasure.

Store it safely.... How about a bubble

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Carcoon's are great for keeping your classic stored safely and free from damp... It's literally a giant bubble that your classic gets air locked into.

If you'd prefer something more simple then use a breathable lightweight dust sheet - try to keep the metal and chrome work covered though to prevent corrosion.

Go to the experts... you want your car in good hands

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A standard mechanic might not have the knowledge of your classic, so shop around for a specialist... they'll give your classic the care and attention it needs and deserves.

Disconnect the battery ... but that doesn't mean going electric

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If you leave your classic for long periods of time without using it, then you should disconnect the battery to stop it from going flat, or invest in a trickle charger.

You don't need to go as far as Mr Clarkson though and create a mini robot electric car!

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