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10 Things No One Tells You About Walking Your Dog

Walking your dog is a lot of fun... but there's a few things no one warns you about!

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1. You stop at every tree....bush....lampost.... wall....leaf..... for your dog to pee.... / Via Giphy

How your dog manages to store so much pee is a mystery..... But be prepared, the second you leave your house EVERYTHING becomes a potential pee spot.

4. Your dog never comes back the same colour / Via

Dirty is the new clean in the doggy world!

7. They will try to eat ANYTHING…. Cigarette butts, leaves, poop, bugs, grass, stones, litter - you name it they’ll attempt to eat it.

The Meta Picture / Via

You'll have a new found appreciation for rubbish bins and internally rage at anyone you see dropping litter, as you know your dog is already eyeing the rubbish up as a tasty meal.

9. Your dog will get stuck in the strangest of places

Buzzfeed / Via

They get a little adventurous and immediately regret it..... Cue dog stuck in a tree trunk.... dog stuck in mud.... dog stuck under a bench.... dog stuck in a bin...

10. If you have a puppy EVERYONE will want to stroke it…. so a 10 minute walk becomes half an hour

Azerothian Life / Via

Children, Babies, Adults and Other Dogs are obsessed with puppies... so prepare for your puppy to be poked, touched, stroked and sniffed..... leave the house with plenty of time spare..... or walk it in the middle of the night to avoid people...

But it’s all worth it in the end when you see that excitable little face!

and realise you get to enjoy the next hour of peace and quiet whilst your dog sleeps :)

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