22 Fly Items For The Bird Lover In Your Life

Just put a bird on it. It’ll make you feel better.

1. This Earring

$30.00 via once upon a CHO.

2. This Mini Dress

$22.43 via Oasap.

3. This Ring

$230.00 via Rock Cakes.

4. This Vase

$44.00 via redhotpottery.

7. This Wrapping Paper

$11.91 via Kate Broughton.

8. This Mobile

$69.00 via Sewn Buddies.

9. This Brown Dress

$48.37 via ASOS.

10. This Macbook

$6.49 via All Stickers.

11. This Wall Art

$30.00 via Planet Wall Art.

12. This Pillow

$16.99 via Minnie and Maude.

13. This Dog Collar

$32.00 via Pecan Pie Puppies.

14. This Cool Washcloth

$12.00 via Viva Sweet Love.

15. This Inspirational Poster

$12.39 via dazeychic.

18. This Necklace

$72.00 via Robin’s Relics.

19. This Lampshade

$25.53 via LightFlightLighting.

20. This Necklace

$43.00 via Layered + Long

21. This Crop Top

$20.00 via Marcia Dee Prints.

22. This Stamp Marker

You can literally put a bird on anything you get your hands on. Only $3.50 via norajane.

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