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    • laural29

      Really?? I’ve lived in San Diego for over 30 years and the job market has been HORRID for at least 8 years here! If you’re not in the military or working in bio tech/high tech you can expect to be paid minimum wage. The last thing SD needs is more people looking for work! They sure don’t mention the extremely high homeless rates that fill SD beach areas and downtown streets on that list! The traffic is really, really bad too! Meth is the drug of choice which far worse than any other drug on the planet! We’re too damn close to Mexico which has caused California to have a majority population that is hispanic. You can’t afford a home unless you win the lottery, they are sooo over-priced it’s a joke! Rent starts at $1000 for a 1 bedroom! This ain’t San Fran or NYC for cryin’ out loud! I have lot’s of family members here and would leave in a heart beat if it weren’t for them. Our Mayor is a serious pervert too!

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