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10 Things To Do When You’re A Broke College Student On Spring Break: As Told By Animals

Almost every college student has experienced problems associated with being broke on spring break: who better to explain it than animals?!

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1. Start a new long term relationship with a show on Netflix. Invite someone over!

suzanukp / Via Twitter: @suzanukp

2. Work off that Freshman 15 that you SWORE you would last spring break. Ugh.

3. Camping – (include marshmallows & a bonfire too, obviously)

Bex Ross / Via Flickr: bexross

4. Visit a “haunted” attraction – embrace the folk lore!

Quinn Dombrowski / Via Flickr: quinnanya

5. Remember student discounts at local museums.

Michael Russell / Via Flickr: planetrussell

6. Take the chance to catch up with friends at your fav coffee shop or get in some quality blogging time. Embrace your inner hipster.

Free yourself in art!

Catherine Delaloye / Via

7. Invite local friends for a “friends-giving”, bring all the junk food you can eat!

Angrytiger007 / Via

8. Swim to your heart's content!

PexelsPhoto / Via

9. Hike local trails or walk paths you haven’t explored before.

10. Thrift shop locally for gifts for upcoming birthdays. Save major moolah!

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