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Why Urban Outfitters' Cooperative Should Be Your Go-To Label For Summer

Inspired by iconic French actresses and new-wave cinema, Cooperative's collection is clean and simple, chic as hell, and feminine without being frilly. I WANT IT ALL.

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I am by no means a girly-girl, preferring a more androgynous look/whatever I find on the floor in the ten minutes I give myself to get ready for work before stress-cycling 5 miles & sweating through whatever I threw on anyway. Yeah, I'm super attractive.

But when I do want to make an effort, Cooperative's collection is basically all I want to wear. It's uncomplicated but still looks refined and tailored, using largely loose, geometric shapes – boxy blouses, wide-leg trousers and culottes, shift dresses – which means it's gonna be super comfortable as well as letting in the breeze on the (hopefully) blazing Summer days to come.

The clothes call to mind the gamine icons of '60s French cinema – think Jean Seberg in Godard's À bout de souffle (Breathless), pictured above – when the new "sexy" was boyish haircuts and lounging around in men's shirts, smoking and philosophising. Cooperative perfectly captures this low-maintenance femininity, with clean, crisp lines that never feel stiff, and also makes sure you're covered for all the latest trends.

Co-ords are EVERYWHERE right now & Cooperative are killing it / Via

French navy, CULOTTES, light & airy fabric, hint of midriff... just dreamy. I am the proud owner of this outfit & it's basically all I want to wear for the rest of my life.

NB: Not suitable for cycling, culottes and brakes do NAHT mix.

All White Everything! That's a trend, not a UKIP campaign BTW. / Via

Can't wait to get grass stains & drip Twister lollies all over this but, then again, I generally shouldn't be allowed out of the house, I'm sure all you functioning folk will fare better. / Via

Cannot deal with how perfect this outfit is – '50s blouse, the subtlest gingham, tennis pleats, I'm just full on drooling. I wish I was tanned & blonde so I could wear this and look like I'm made out of caramel and have people chasing me down the street wanting to eat me. Sorry, that got weird really fast.

NB: Everyone should be wearing Birkenstocks with EVERYTHING this Summer, FYI.

Vintage-blue-denim-gasm / Via

Add a Breton striped top to these apron-style dungarees and you're basically the Frenchiest (totes a word) thing that ever smoked & shagged itself to death. Before that happens you should totally frolic in fields and lark about in rowboats wearing this.

'90s but, like, not too '90s / Via

Checks, polka dots & daisy prints are everywhere I flippin' look these days but Cooperative allows you to strike a nice balance between referencing these classic '90s patterns and looking like someone ate Clueless and The Craft and then threw up on you.

Go and lust after the whole collection here!

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