This Dog Clearly Has Trouble Walking

    He really isn't very good at it. But that's okay, I love him anyway.

    He's really trying, but if this was a video, not a photo, you know this dog would wipe out in the next frame.

    Now that I think of it, I really wish this was a video.

    Is this your dog?

    If so, can you email me video of him wiping out or maybe snoozing?

    Can I come over and pet him?

    Oh no, what if it's a her?

    I love you, little dog next to yellow pillow.

    Actually, the yellow pillow looks pretty cool too. All around a generally great scene.

    I'm tired. It would be great to lay down next to this dog, on this nice, clean wood floor, put my head on that yellow pillow, and take a little nap. Just me and this little dog, who clearly doesn't walk very well. I bet this is a nice house.

    I wonder where he's going.

    Good night, little stock photo dog.