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18 Facts About The Office (US) You Might Not Know

The Office is one of the best comedy programmes that has ever been made, it is loved world wide and here are 18 facts that you might not know. (BEWARE OF SPOILERS)

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1. John Krasinksi and B.J. Novak Went to High School Together


The two both went to Newton South High School in Newton, Massachusetts, and they both graduated in 1997. They were even on the same little league baseball team!

2. The Computers in the Office Were Actually Connected to the Internet.

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When in the background of scenes, the cast members were often checking their emails and surfing the web!

6. Toby Was Supposed to Appear in Only One Episode!


Paul Liebersteins's role as Toby Flenderson was meant to be a one-time appearance, since Lieberstein had never acted before, and never actually wanted to because of his quiet, reserved personality. However, NBC President Kevin Reilly saw a certain episode and fell in love and since then Toby was a much loved (not by Michael) recurring character.

9. Hints of Angela's and Dwight's Relationship SPOILER


We all know, unless you haven't watched all the episodes, that Angela and Dwight end up together. However, before it was revealed that they were seeing each other, audiences might have missed the hints that writers put in the show. A couple of times before the reveal, Angela mentions that her favourite song is "Little Drummer Boy". At the beginning of the pilot episode, Dwight is singing that song at his desk.

10. Who Interned at Late Night?


Four of the cast members were interns on Late Night with Conan O'Brien: Angela Kinsey in 1993, Mindy Kaling in the winter of 1999, John Krasinksi in the summer of 2000, and Ellie Kemper in the spring of 2005. Also, Steve Carell and Ed Helms were also correspondents on The Daily Show (1996) before The Office.

13. There was no Steve Carell?!


Carell was unavailable to play Michael Scott, as he was already committed to Come to Papa (2004). As a result, Bob Odenkirk was selected to play him, and was a part of the cast when the show was presented to NBC executives. It was also revealed that Paul Giamatti, Martin Short, Bob Odenkirk, Nick Offerman, Alan Tudyk and Hank Azaria were considered and some also auditioned for the role.

14. It's a Family Affair!


Carol was played by Carell's real life wife, Nancy Walls! Also, Pam's lactation consultant in Season Six, episodes 17 & 18 "The Delivery", was her real-life husband, Lee Kirk. Paul Lieberstein's (Tony Flenderson) sister Suzanne is married to Greg Daniels (creator of The Office and Parks and Recreation) and his brother Warren was a writer and producer on the show as was married to Angela Kinsey.

16. Crossover with Parks and Recreation


One of the dogs Andy adopts during his breakdown is also featured in Parks and Recreation as Champion - Andy (Chris Pratt) and April's (Aubrey Plaza) three legged pit bull. It is no surprise that the two shows have references in them as Greg Daniels and Michael Schur are creators of both shows.

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