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This Cafe In Seoul Is Serving Up Steaming Piles Of Poop (Shaped Treats).

Because poop-shaped things are just so appetizing.

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Seoul Searching / Via

A new trendy coffee spot in Seoul, South Korea is taking a dump on traditional cafes with their equally unique and strange take on standard lattes and pastries. The appropriately named "Poop Cafe" is gaining in popularity by locals by dishing up steaming toilets of coffee and piles of soft poop-shaped treats.

As reported by the food and lifestyle blog Seoul Searching, this unsuspecting building appears completely normal on the outside, yet once through the front doors customers are bombarded with poop-themed decorations like painted cartoon murals of the giants turds, happy piles of dungs hanging as ornaments and even squishy poop pillows to cuddle with.

Enjoy a piping hot latte with a decorative foam poop in none other than their signature mini-toilet coffee mug. Complete the meal with a matching poop-shaped scone with a side of strawberry jam. What's not to love?

If you're looking for something a little more filling than a scone, there is a independent vendor right outside that jumped in on the trend and sells poop-shaped Korean bread filled with either red bean or chocolate .

So if you ever happen to find yourself in Insadong and you're feeling a bit pooped from the day, then you know actually where you need to visit to perk yourself up.

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