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Get Drunk Without Taking A Sip: The Revolutionary New Cocktail Bar

Breathe Responsibly.

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No, it isn't a scene out of a horror movie, though at first glance it definitely appears that way.

As a nod to the monks who mastered brewing years ago, Alcoholic Architecture is London's first ever breathable cocktail cloud bar situated on a former monastery. From the masterminds of Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, this one-of-a-kind bar allows customers to experience alcohol in a whole new way: by inhaling it. These modern day Willy Wonka's found a way to create fruity vapors with a variety of liquors and mixers at a 1:3 ratio, so you can still savor the flavor and aroma just like you would with your favorite cocktail.

Adding even more to the atmosphere, visitors wear plastic hooded raincoats to protect their clothing from smelling like a boozy mess.

Guests can spend a maximum of 50 minutes in this drunken haze, which is enough time to absorb enough vapor equivalent to one full drink, though the trip-induced like room might have you feeling more of a buzz than your traditional gin and tonic. As the olive on top of the martini , Alcoholic Architecture also features a full cocktail bar with fun, monk-themed drinks, including a shared cocktail served in a glass made out of a human skull.

Located in the Borough Market in London, this cocktail bar is a breath of new air, literally. And as with traditional drinks, Bompas and Parr want to remind all patrons to breath responsibly.

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