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What 10 World Landmarks Could Look Like In An Epic Drought

Take a look at a scary world with little water.

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Graphic designer Joel Krebs shows us a world transformed by drought with his photoshopped images of famous locations across the globe.

Krebs first began to create these scenes when he entered a competition with DesignCrowd that called for designers to remove landmarks from their surroundings, as if they had disappeared. He tells BuzzFeed: "After completing my entry, I noticed that the image could be the result of a future climate shift where severe drought completely takes over.

"I thought about other landmarks and what they may look like with the same approach. Showing the before and after creates a contrast and gives a unique perspective on some of the most famous locations on the planet."


Some of Krebs' designs take just a few hours to complete, and some can take weeks. He says it really depends on the complexity of the surrounding areas. "At times I will scour the internet for a specific image only to find the perspective is just a bit off or the image isn't high enough resolution," he explains. "Focusing on details, matching colours, lighting, and shadows also makes this a very time-consuming process."

Picking the locations usually comes with the help of Google Images. Krebs looks for landmarks that have the most foliage nearby, to give him a strong contrast.


Most of Krebs' designs have a very strong yellow tint. "Other than sunsets and sunrises you wouldn't typically see a yellow sky," Krebs tells BuzzFeed. "It does, however, add an element of warmth that you don't get with traditionally blue skies. The sky often reflects what is below, and since a lot of the scenery has a warm desert feel, it balances the image, incorporating the colour balance throughout."

"Generally, my favourites are the images that display the most realism," says Krebs. "I think I achieved that in some of the more simple approaches, such as the Stonehenge edit. The most time-consuming would probably have been the Eiffel Tower. That image had so much detail and it was difficult creating buildings and filling in false backgrounds."



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