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Rescue Dogs Re-Create Fashion Magazine Covers And It's Painfully Cute

It's part of a campaign to raise money for animal shelters.

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Polish advertising agency Ostrosiostro is behind a campaign that aims to focus attention on shelter dogs. It hopes to break the negative associations of "stray animals" and instead emphasise their beauty and ability to steal your heart. The team hopes to raise funds which will help 16 animal shelters in Poland. You can see the whole project on the campaign's website. Pawel Cichon, the founder of the campaign, told BuzzFeed:

“Fashion and celebrities define beauty. We wanted to take a little bit of that and change people’s perspective on shelter animals. We were sick of charity campaigns which showed shelter dogs sad and miserable. It is visually appealing and beautiful so you won’t scroll it and forget about it like in a normal charity campaign. We think that fashion can help those who are less fortunate.”