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How Different People Live In Identical Flats In The Same Building

Ever wonder what the apartments above and below you look like?

When Romanian photographer Bogdan Girboven was helping his neighbour fix her door in the apartment below him, he noticed her home had the exact same layout as his own, yet it looked and felt completely different.

Girboven was inspired to document the ways in which people express themselves through their home, by taking portraits of homeowners in his apartment block in Bucharest. Each photo is taken from the same angle, showing the same apartment layout, but with a very different appearance.

"The idea came from the passion of the anthropology of space combined with some experiments about self-portraits," Girboven tells BuzzFeed. The results show the range of different tastes in interior decoration, reflecting the personality and background of the homeowners.

Floor 10, Apartment 52, Bogdan Girboven

Floor 9, Apartment 47, Mrs Bita

Floor 8, Apartment 42, Mr and Mrs Ene

Floor 7, Apartment 37, Ionut

Floor 6, Apartment 32, anonymous

Floor 5, Apartment 27, Mrs Suhariuc Ioana

Floor 4, Apartment 22, Don Lukas

Floor 3, Apartment 17

Floor 2, Apartment 12, anonymous

Floor 1, Apartment 7, anonymous