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25 Halloween Cakes That Will Scare The Shit Out Of You

Warning: graphic baking ahead. Eat at your own risk.

1. Lily Vanilli, London

2. Blissfully Sweet Cakes, in Putney, Sydney

3. Tattooed Bakers, London


5. All Mine Patisserie, based near Leeds


More of All Mine Patisserie's work here.

7. Nevie-Pie Cakes, Hertfordshire

More gory creations from Nevie-Pie Cakes here.

Cake artist Natasha Collins tells Buzzfeed: "People do ask me all the time if I get upset after working on something for a long period of time only to have it eaten and disappear, but for me I take real pleasure in that. It gives me the opportunity to keep creating new works of art. And also I am a baker, I have a desire to feed people tasty cakes and biscuits even if they are wrapped up in gory icing!"

8. Conjurer's Kitchen, Birmingham



"I know my cakes aren't for everyone, but that's OK, I don't want everyone to like them," adds Annabel. "I feel it makes the cakes/chocolates and the people who buy them less unique."




14. Sideserf Cake Studio, Austin, Texas


When asked what her favourite cake to make was, Natalie told BuzzFeed, "Anything with a face. I really enjoy the challenge of sculpting edible facial features and trying to replicate them best I can."


17. Totally Sugar, southwest London

More of Totally Sugar's work here.

18. Sweet As Sugar, Surrey


Laura, like most of the bakers, is more than happy to see her work be eaten: "It's a feeling of satisfaction, it's actually worse when people want to keep the cake and not cut them."


This cake, titled "The Zombie Mermaid", is Laura's favourite out of the ones she has made so far. She loved the process of carving away at the "flesh" and using different colours to make the skin tones.

21. Rozie Powell, cake decorator for The Tattooed Bakers

Cake maker Rozie Powell finds most of her inspiration through the movies and television shows she watches. Being a trained model maker for productions, she became obsessed with making her cakes extremely lifelike.

"My favourite cake to make was the big toothy maw (mouth of the Kraken)," she says. "I love a good optical illusion. When I was making the teeth, getting smaller and smaller, it was very exciting to see it all come together and look down into it."

22. Choccywoccydoodah, London

23. Twisted Fondant, Winchester, Hampshire

24. Caking It, Beckenham, south London

Kate Haigh tells Buzzfeed she uses a lot of chocolate in her cakes. Most of the outsides of the casts are hand-painted white chocolate while the interiors are made with things like ganache cake, various mousses, and caramels.


See more of Caking It's work here.