21 Beautiful Photos You Won’t Be Able To Stop Looking At

    But really, keep looking at these. They are so cool.

    "Beach Drummer"

    Cinemagraphs, which many have referred to as "living photographs", are a new way to show image and video in one. The new technique – in which one element of the image moves continuously, much like a video, while the rest of the image remains static – is making waves in advertisements and social media because it allows people to connect longer with what they are looking at.

    Here are some of the best.


    "Big Apple Birds"

    "Brighton Pier"

    "Diving In"

    "By The River"


    "Glitter And Smoke"

    "Horse Hears"

    "Modern Cafe"


    "Not So Fun"

    "Running Laps"

    "Skateboard Flip"

    "Smokey Eyes"

    "Smoking Man"

    "Sunset Swing"


    "The Colorist"

    "Tic Tac Toe"

    "Time Machine"