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    21 Beautiful Photos You Won’t Be Able To Stop Looking At

    But really, keep looking at these. They are so cool.

    "Beach Drummer"

    Shovona Karmakar /

    Cinemagraphs, which many have referred to as "living photographs", are a new way to show image and video in one. The new technique – in which one element of the image moves continuously, much like a video, while the rest of the image remains static – is making waves in advertisements and social media because it allows people to connect longer with what they are looking at.

    Here are some of the best.


    Virgo Haan /

    "Big Apple Birds"

    Michel Mölder /

    "Brighton Pier"

    Thomas Brand /

    "Diving In"

    Marcos Valle /

    "By The River"

    Ulla Kühnle /


    Thomas Brand /

    "Glitter And Smoke"

    Virgo Haan /

    "Horse Hears"

    Blair Lister / ​

    "Modern Cafe"

    Renzani Eka /


    Ulla Kühnle /

    "Not So Fun"

    Massimo Colella / ​

    "Running Laps"

    Virgo Haan /

    "Skateboard Flip"

    Gerardo Juarez / ​

    "Smokey Eyes"

    Joseph Strauch / ​

    "Smoking Man"

    Flippant Media /

    "Sunset Swing"

    Marco Woldt /


    Flippant Media /

    "The Colorist"

    Massimo Colella /

    "Tic Tac Toe"

    Kofi Kumi /

    "Time Machine"

    Malolepzie /