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    20 Dancing Dogs And Their Partners

    Dance like no one (other than your dog) is watching.

    Bego Anton has photographed dog owners across the United States who love to dance with their dogs and enter competitions.

    Carrie & Lyric, Salem, Connecticut

    Anton's photo series Chachacha focuses on the relationship between humans and animals. "I ended up watching a video on YouTube with Carolyn Scott and [her dog] Rocky dancing to a Grease song," he tells BuzzFeed. "I was captivated and decided to focus exclusively on musical canine freestyle".

    The photographer spent time with each subject to learn more about the canine dancing culture. Through this, he realised how much the owners loved their pets and treated them like members of their family. "I think I’ve found a sport where humans and animals are at the same level," Anton says. "If [the dance move] can’t be done without the dog in the same way, then it can’t be done without the human."

    Evelyn & Cowboy, Wardensville, West Virginia

    Kathi & Maisy, Boyce, Virginia

    Sandy & Bliss and Jerry & Diva, Queen Creeks, Arizona

    Ellen & Bailey, West Hartford, Connecticut

    "One of my favourites parts was when they dance choreography from the beginning to the end so I could record it for the documentary I’m working on," Anton tells BuzzFeed. "It was so special that they were doing it just for me."

    Barb & Rex, Wardensville, West Virginia

    Nan & Gordon, Washington, DC

    Ann & McGee, Wardensville, West Virginia

    "It’s a very demanding sport because the training is very long," says Anton. "You need a lot of time to prepare the choreographies and they practise at their homes, so many of them don’t have enough space and need to practise the choreographies in parts. They train using tricks and sound."

    Laurie & Timber, Willington, Connecticut

    Barb & Rex, Wardensville, West Virginia

    Barbara & Rambo, Quakerton, Pennsylvania

    Frances & Candy, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Stephanie & Charleston, Phoenix, Arizona

    Mary Aynn & Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

    Julia & Sparkle, Las Cruces, New Mexico

    "One of the most special things about being a photographer is that it gives you the key to enter some amazing worlds," says Anton. "This was one of these worlds."