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25 Dramatic Pictures Of The Calais "Jungle" Clear-Out

French authorities have begun to clear the Calais camp and are processing 7,000 refugees and migrants.

1. This morning, over 1,200 officers and security officials began moving refugees and migrants from the Calais "Jungle" camp.

2. Last week, the first refugee children from the camp arrived in the UK. However, the Home Office has now "paused" the taking in of child refugees.

3. Thousands of leaflets were given out informing residents of the next steps. On the night before the move, French riot police clashed with some of them.

4. According to Time, Help Refugees says more than 20% of the camp’s population had left the Jungle prior to the eviction date.

5. Riot police walked through tear gas and smoke to disperse migrants throwing stones and lighting fires.

6. Across France, protests have been planned in solidarity with those being moved.

7. French officials have warned the British anarchist group "No Borders" not to disrupt the move.

8. A study from the Refugee Rights Data Project says that 70% of the camp's residents want to remain there.

9. The people being moved are being taken to 450 centres across France.

10. French authorities sent 1,200 police officers and security officials to the Jungle ahead of the move.

11. Refugees and migrants are being given refreshments as their makeshift homes are put away.

12. They are being processed at a reception point in Calais where the staff decides who belongs in the "vulnerable" category.

13. According to The Guardian, the French interior ministry said unaccompanied minors will be moved to shipping containers where they will wait to find out what happens next.

14. Almost half of the residents will be moved out of the camp today. There will be 60 buses departing today with each bus taking up to 50 people.

15. People have had to line up to register at processing centres.

16. Here is one of the buses that will take them to one of the centres to which they will be moved.

17. Police officers are standing by, as there have been reports of disturbances after people were sent away from the registration line.

18. After being processed in Calais, the people will get to choose which region in France they would like to be moved to by pointing at a map.

19. As the camp's residents are moved out, the general feeling amongst them is confusion as they are uncertain about what happens to them next.

20. None of the people BuzzFeed News spoke to knew what would happen to them.

21. Migrants are getting restless whilst waiting to be processed and there have been reports of scuffles.

23. The number of armed police will be increased to 3,000.


24. According to Sky News, the first group of unaccompanied minors are on a bus to the UK.

25. Demolition of the Jungle has now been delayed. A police officer in charge of clearing the camp told Sky News that this was because people are leaving voluntarily.