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    25 Photos Guaranteed To Make Every Pinoy And Pinay Laugh

    I know Jolibee gravy is extra.

    1. When Leonardo DiCaprio acknowledged the importance of Jollibee's gravy:

    2. When Manny Pacquiao kickstarted a new era of One Direction:

    3. And became the main necessity in every Pinoy starter pack:

    4. When Taylor Swift traded in chart-topping hits for knock-knock jokes:

    5. When the NBA got the Tagalog treatment:

    6. That time when Kevin Durant had a lot of feels:

    LMFAO. Kevin Durant's #Filipino Meme @KDTrey5

    7. When banana ketchup played an important role in the logics of the NFL division system:

    #FilipinosBeLike NFC and AFC? Why does the footbol not hab a UFC?

    8. When the "Father of the Philippine Revolution" got into the spirit of Valentine's Day:

    9. When Winnie the Pooh helped translate the best curse word ever invented:

    10. When Thor took command of your upcoming travel plans:

    11. And your favorite corner hangout:

    12. And your favorite sweet treat:

    13. When Dawson Leery captured the intense pain of heartbreak:

    14. When Professor Snape summed up your feelings for bae:

    15. When Lil' Wayne predicted the forecast:

    16. When Spongebob Squarepants preached the absolute truth:

    17. When Harry Potter lived up to his true purpose:

    18. When you discovered the many joys of having lots of ninongs and ninangs:

    19. When Ariana Grande matched your concern toward torrential rainstorms:

    20. When Bruno Mars' vocals proved to be too powerful:

    21. When Tina Belcher busted a move to "Ocho Ocho":

    22. When your favorite food store threw down the best pun of all time:

    23. When you discovered the real contents of your tita's beloved cookie tin:

    24. When you forgot to close the door during the peak of summer season:

    25. Whenever you hear this, you always turn around. Always:

    #Filipinosbelike @White_Filipina πŸ˜‚