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    19 Hellfire Moments That All Parents WFH With Their Kids Are Experiencing Right Now

    Working from home is easy, they said. It will be fun, they said…

    1. Having to block out your day in realistic increments in order to successfully work from home is a little difficult.

    2. And organising your time so that you can be more productive can be a challenge.

    3. As is having that family schedule look a little something like this.

    4. You've created dedicated workspace where you can’t be disturbed, because you've heard that might be helpful.

    5. And you're trying to help your kids master the art of making informed decisions for themselves.

    6. You've been inundated with advice about how to work from home with kids.

    7. Staying connected with your team and maintaining a collaborative working environment looks a little something like this.

    8. And you've learnt the hard way that your kids aren't exactly team players.

    9. Trying to achieve anything close to "work-life balance" has gone down the toilet.

    10. Every time you manage to get into a flow state, someone pulls you right back out again shortly after.

    11. And then you'll find that your concentration slips to other unrelated but equally important tasks.

    12. You've realised that the days when procrastination and motivation were your biggest challenges are long gone.

    13. And acknowledged that the workplace challenges in the home environment are certainly different now.

    14. You've accepted that the line between entertaining your child and manipulating them feels a little blurred.

    15. And having to homeschool your kids on top of work means that you've got yourself the perfect shitstorm.

    16. Choosing when happy hour commences is definitely a benefit, though.

    17. And any bonuses you get for performing outside of your usual duties is only fair.

    18. You've publicised your respect for all the stay-at-home and freelance parents.

    19. And you've admitted to anyone and everyone that you really miss the office!