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    19 Things Tasmanians Know To Be True But Mainlanders Won't Get

    Oh, you said have we have two heads? Funny. 🙄

    1. Not being included on the Australian map is a common occurrence.

    2. In fact, it’s not even a surprise when TV programs forget to mention Tassie altogether.

    3. Tasmanians travelling abroad will constantly have to explain that we’re not from Tanzania.

    4. And most people we meet abroad only have the Tassie Devil from Looney Tunes as a point of reference.

    5. Even our own country teases us for needing a passport to travel interstate.

    6. As Tasmanians, we are constantly asked if we’re dating our cousins.

    7. Or being bagged out for having two heads.

    8. When we start dating someone new, our parents will almost definitely ask who their parents are (and probably know them).

    9. The rivalry between Launceston and Hobart is pretty intense.

    10. And Devonport is constantly being teased by the other cities.

    11. Especially for its questionable nightlife.

    12. Except on Christmas Eve when it’s absolutely pumping.

    13. The Tassie two-step is the local mating ritual.

    14. Learning the nutbush in primary school was an important part of the Tasmanian school curriculum.

    15. If we can’t find a park within five-minutes walking distance, it almost warrants driving off.

    16. And all Tasmanians believe that paying more than $3 an hour for parking is a bit rich.

    17. When starting a new job, it is almost guaranteed you’ll find a personal connection to one of your new colleagues.

    18. When someone asks where you’re from, you sometimes feel judged when saying "Tasmania".

    19. But now that you’re older and wiser, you wear your Tasmanian heritage like a badge of honour.