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    11 May 2020

    15 Ways To Make A Mum's Life A Little Easier During Self-Isolation

    Mummas, you need to take care of yourself too.

    1. Get outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine in the morning – it will be the best thing for you.

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    Okay, so the idea of prying yourself off the couch in the morning may not sound that appetising, but taking your morning cuppa outside will leave you feeling energised.

    2. Do something special for yourself in between your family’s routine.

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    You do you, boo. Whether it’s an online yoga class, doing your nails or popping on a face mask – take some time for yourself here and there.

    3. Yep, make sure you're getting plenty of well-deserved R&R time.


    And of course, running yourself a nice bath with Epson salts, candles and Enya never goes astray.

    4. Join or create an online Mother’s Group to share your motherhood woes.


    Unfortunately, coffee and wine catch-ups are currently a no go...Why not start a regular Facebook group or Zoom chat with your go-to mumma friends?

    5. Get active and tune into one of the free virtual workouts on offer.

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    You don't have to leave the house to stay active. Keep It Cleaner and 28 by Sam Wood are just some of the fitness apps offering free virtual workouts via Livestream – your kids can even join in (this sounded better in theory...).

    6. Download a meditation app and get centred, baby.


    You’re probably thinking, “Who has time to meditate”? Start or finish your day with meditation (or just lock yourself in your room) and you'll be feeling centred in no time.

    7. Sit down for a few minutes and enjoy your cuppa while it’s still hot (well, at least warm).


    When you get a break, the first thing you probably turn your mind to the millions of things you need to get done. But it’s also okay to use that time to enjoy a few sips of your cuppa while it’s hot. Breathe Mumma — things don’t always need to be perfect.

    8. Go easy on your standards and allow yourself a bit of wallowing time.


    Messy house? Don't care! You don't have to achieve it all during this time (i.e. write a book, complete an online course, start an empire, etc). I mean, if you're willing and eager – that's great! But sometimes, surviving is enough, too.

    9. Listen to some good parenting podcasts and have a laugh.


    Podcasts are great for learning a thing or two, but also, it’s nice to feel as though you’re not alone.

    10. Schedule an in-house date for you and your partner to stay connected.

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    Is Netflix sending you rude messages like, "Are you still watching"? Mix it up! Wait until the kids are in bed, light some candles, open a bottle of wine and enjoy some good old-fashioned intimacy.

    11. Invest in your most important asset – your own mental health.

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    Yes, wine is always a great coping mechanism...But reaching out to a therapist or loved one is another (slightly healthier) way to process your emotions. And most support services have transitioned to online or over the phone methods – so you can do so from the comfort of your couch and in your PJs.

    12. Stop listening to the negativity out there and focus on your little family bubble.


    It's great to stay across what's happening in the world. But 24/7 is enough to send us all a bit stir crazy. Try limiting your news exposure to just one news program a day and focus the rest of your energy on the things that bring you joy.

    13. Buy yourself a nice comfy lounge outfit as, let's face it, you deserve it.

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    Of course, exercising and self-improvement is always a great idea. But retail therapy is great too.

    14. Journal those inner thoughts and try to be grateful for the blessings you have.

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    Yep, that mind is probably in overdrive trying to keep small humans alive, run a household and keep everyone else in your life happy. Journaling can be a great way to process your thoughts and encourage you to stop and smell the roses.

    15. And finally, keep dreaming and planning for your own personal goals.

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    Yes, things may be a bit more challenging at the moment. But one day, the world will return to some degree of normalcy and you can keep chasing those dreams. Get it, gurrrlll!

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