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    Updated on 5 Dec 2019. Posted on 18 Nov 2019

    18 Places In Tasmania That Locals Don't Want You To Know About

    Hobart is only one tiny slice of the sweet, sweet Tasmanian pie.

    1. Enjoy a picnic at the Little Blue Lake, in North East Tassie.

    2. Live like a millionaire and hire out Satellite Island, further south of Hobart.

    3. Snorkle around the kelp beds in Fossil Cove, near Blackmans Bay.

    4. Brave the weather and hike to the Walls of Jerusalem, in the Tasmanian Highlands.

    5. Bask in the serenity of Granite Point Pier, along Bridport's shorline.

    6. Treat your senses to Table Cape Tulips, near Wynard in Tassie's north-west.

    7. Enjoy the natural beauty and rich convict history of Maria Island, off the East Coast of Tasmania.

    8. Enjoy a little piece of Italy at La Villa Wines, near Devonport.

    9. Breathe in the natural rainforest air at Montezuma Falls, on Tasmania's west coast.

    10. Imagine you're at the edge of the world at Gordon Dam, in Western Tasmania.

    11. Walk over the historic Ross Bridge, in Tassie's midlands.

    12. Get lost in the isolating beauty of Pump House Point, at Lake St Clair.

    13. Be one of the few people on the beach at Boat Harbour, in Tasmania's north-west.

    14. Bag a bargain and enjoy some delicious Tassie produce at the Evandale Market, near Launceston Airport.

    15. Treat yourself to some hazelnut infused goodness at Stelo, in Northern Tassie.

    16. Experience the Huon Valley at high speeds with Huon Jet, in the Huon Valley.

    17. Escape the rat race at Eagle Nest Retreat, near Sheffield.

    18. And finally, get your water sports on at Lake Barrington, in northern Tasmania.

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