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    17 Vivid Memories Millennial And Gen Z Australians Will Have From Primary School

    I'm still trying to figure out what those weird 'S' things stand for.

    1. When you got massive lunch box envy from that one kid who always got roll-ups and Dixie Drumsticks.

    2. When you "accidently" left your lunch box at home and your parents had to drop in money for the school canteen.

    3. When your teacher made the class play "heads down, thumbs up" and you were hell-bent on winning.

    4. When you got the mean teacher for a year and it felt like an eternity.

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    And it was THE WORST.

    5. When the cool teacher occasionally got mad and it just cut so deep.

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    That's when we knew we'd crossed the line.

    6. When all our exercise books had these weird S things drawn all over them.

    7. When you had a dilemma, so you just created one of these bad boys.

    8. When these things almost ignited a trade war among your peers and collecting them was like a sport.

    9. When you got put in a separate class to your bestie and it felt like the teachers were conspiring against you.

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    It couldn't have been a coincidence.

    10. When that one popular person got a new haircut and everyone in the school simultaneously had to copy.

    11. When you were sent to the principal’s office for the first time and life felt so bleak.

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    Getting into trouble for talking literally felt like the end of the world.

    12. When you would barely speak to your supposed boyfriend or girlfriend – because, well, germs.


    I think I said a grand total of three sentences to my year four boyfriend.

    13. When Spice Girls dominated the world and you were much more interested in acting like the 6th member than learning your times tables.


    And you'd fight with your friends over who got to be Baby Spice.

    14. When your grandparents picked you up from school and didn’t get the memo about parking around the corner.

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    I’ll never forget the embarrassment of when Pop picked me up and his car bunny hopped out of the school pick-up zone 🤦‍♀‍

    15. When you thought the newly graduated teacher was just so old.

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    On second thought, 23 is not actually that old.

    16. When you spent most of your lunches figuring out exactly which friends would call and at what time.

    17. And finally, when your favourite accessory was one of these bad boys.

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