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    25 Things That You Should Know About Becoming A Mum For The First Time

    I mean, don't let this turn you off procreating or anything...

    1. That people no longer come to visit you, they come to visit your baby.

    2. That not all your friends will want to hold your baby.

    3. That often complete strangers will try to touch your baby.

    4. That everything will make you want to cry in the first two weeks.

    5. That leaving your baby for the first time will be a traumatic ordeal.

    6. That you could bleed for up to six weeks after labour.

    7. That you’ll probably not be able to sit either.

    8. That labour is, in some ways, the easy part.

    9. That your first bowel movement will be almost as scary as labour.

    10. That suddenly everybody will become a parenting expert.

    11. That you may never catch up on the sleep deprivation following pregnancy and labour.

    12. That daylight savings will ruin your life.

    13. That your baby may not sleep much during the day.

    14. That as soon as your baby starts to sleep well, they may go through a sleep regression.

    15. That your new shower time will become "anytime after midday" (if you shower at all).

    16. That breastfeeding is hard.

    17. That your boobs may become painfully engorged when your milk comes in.

    18. That you’ll often resent your partner for not having lactating boobs.

    19. That bottle-feeding is also hard work.

    20. That all you’ll want to do is talk about your baby.

    21. That you will think your baby is a real-life prodigy.

    22. That it will now take you an hour to leave the house.

    23. That you’ll probably have to prepare for four seasons in one day.

    24. That your baby will always time their poosplosions for when you’re in public.

    25. And finally, that despite all the ups and downs, you’d still do it all again.