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    A Day In The Life Of A Substitute Teacher As Explained By Lucille Bluth

    *does chicken dance*

    When you wake up in the morning thinking you have a day off but realize you have a job.

    When you're trying to park and a parent pulls into the last teacher spot instead of pulling up to the drop-off lane like everyone else.

    When you find out you'll be in your favorite classroom.

    When you ask if anyone has any questions *about the subject matter* and they ask what time recess is.

    When a kid refuses to get a tissue, yet keeps sniffling.

    When you've been in a certain classroom enough times and finally meet that one kid's parents.

    When you sub in a new classroom on a Friday close to the end of the year.

    When that one kid throws a tantrum for the 4th time that day and you're just not having it.

    When a student claims one kid got special treatment.

    But really...

    When you call a kid the wrong name.

    When you get a call from the office and have to make sure the kids are quiet so it doesn't sound like you're losing control.

    When you get a job last-minute but decided to go out the night before.

    When students are back behind the one area you can't see from the desk and you know they're doing something they aren't supposed to.

    When students tell you "their teacher allows it".

    When the crappy school toilet is clogged *again*.

    When the student who has been struggling all year has finally achieved a goal you were there to help set.

    When you hear a student say you're their favorite sub.

    When a student confides in you and you help them through a problem.

    So despite the struggles, being a substitute teacher is pretty great.