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20 Questions All Filipino-Americans Regularly Heard While Growing Up

"Why is there a huge fork and spoon in your house?"

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1. "Does your mom know how to make those egg rolls?"

You mean lumpia? Yes, yes, she does. And she does it *well.*

4. "How many aunts and uncles do you actually have?"

Correction: titas (and/or aunties) and titos. That being said, a lot.


8. "Hold up, your parents spent HOW much on this karaoke machine?"

♫ It was worth every damn peso ♫


10. "Is Jollibee really that much better than McDonald's?"

Of course.


12. "Wait … 'chocolate meat'?"

"Dinuguan, A Memoir: You Don't Even Want To Know Because IT'S NOT CHOCOLATE."

14. "Ay, we have plenty of leftovers! You want to balot?"

Yes please!

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