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Which Member Of The ~Holy~ Trinity Are You?

Place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on the holy bible and answer HONESTLY......

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  1. What's one word your friends would describe you with?

  2. How srat are you?

    I came out of the womb because the srat life called
    I'm just here to dance
    I love the srat life but the srat life doesn't love me
  3. Why can't you sleep in your own bed?

    My bed is infested with Gabe Small
    Dugan's sickly skin is slithering in my sheets
    It's hard to sleep when you lock yourself in your closet to avoid your roommate and her bf but you can still hear everything
  4. Why did you get written up?

    A generally bad attitude
    Yelling outside the RA suite that you love acid
    Committing arson due to fire dance moves
  5. What was your rock bottom this school year?

    Micro midterm 2
  6. What's your best skill?

    Finessing a table at Ibby's without a rezzie
    Remembering everything, such as the exact date you last had sex
    My weak ankles
  7. How many L's have you taken this semester?

    Bitch, I'm thriving (2)
    Does eating chicken as a vegetarian count? (47)
    Why are you talking to me, you are not 6'3" (73)

Which Member Of The ~Holy~ Trinity Are You?

You got: Baby Jesus

Congrats Grad! You are baby Jesus, aka Laura.You love committed relationships and detasseling corn. You also the self-acclaimed BEST dancer.

Baby Jesus
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You got: God

Watch out! You are God, who we know is Alice. You embody the spirit of the raccoon in Elf. You sit upon the srat throne as you are the true wildcard of KD. You pass out your judgments like a Scientologist with brochures on a street corner. You are a loyal friend whose days are numbered.

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You got: The Virgin Mary

You are Emma, the Virgin Mary! (yeah we know that the holy spirit is actually the third part of the holy trinity but its fine) You are tooooo much. You love self-deprecating humor and the sound of your own voice. All the boys are obsessed with you but you won't drop below 6'3". You truly slay and your hair smells good.

The Virgin Mary
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