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For Those Who Are Single On Valentine's Day, These Puppies Can Brighten Up Your Day

This article is intended for those of you who are single and need a little puppy love this Valentine’s Day- Important message contained within all the puppy cuteness.

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This article is intended for those of you who are single and need a little puppy love this Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it puppies can put a smile on most people’s faces in almost every situation. These puppies have much wisdom for you just like this familiar face - the dog of wisdom. Not seen the video before, watch it here

Another reason to use puppies for this piece, they are mans best friend

But most importantly, how can you resist this wee face

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So let’s get started! If you are not in a relationship this valentine’s day this is how you may feel. Most of your friends are in relationships and then there’s you, in most social situations you may be referred to as the third wheel

The thought of Valentine’s Day itself may make you feel like this little guy, as you may have nobody to spend the day with

Your thoughts then turn to staying indoors all day and shutting the world out

Elisha Minnette Photography / Via

You may also hide away from the idea

Warren Photographic / Via

Can you relate? (If not keep scrolling, there’s way more cute puppy pictures to follow)

If this is you, you need to give yourself a shake

Carli Davidson / Via

You can’t let it get you down, friends can make the day a whole lot better

At the end of the day it’s just another day, so do what makes you happy

Get out there and have some fun, find yourself, it’s just like a walk in the park really

But fear not, love tends to find you when you’re not looking for it

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay- Facebook: BuschGardensTampaBay / Via

So don’t let being alone this Valentine’s Day dampen your spirits, this little guy certainly hasn’t

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And honestly there is someone out there for everyone, so continue to be your crazy self, someone will love you for you

So just remember what these puppies have told you. And take it from this little guy, you’ve got this!

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Play it cool

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and be happy :) Just look at that smile

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