• laurab39

      *rolling eyes* Are you serious? I’ve been to 48 of the 50 states and 15 countries on four continents so far. So what? There’s no need to get all pompous and think you’re better than everyone else because of that. By the way… You have “an” idea - not “a” idea. The punctuation after “idea” should be a period. The punctuation after “along” should be a question mark. Your third sentence should begin with “There are” - not “There is”. “World” should not have a capital W unless it’s the first word in a proper sentence. There should be a period after “world”. It’s Wales - not Whales. “Bashing others countries people…” What?! There are so many errors in that short phrase. There is also no need for parentheses in your post. You only need a comma before “which” and a comma after “Scotland”. There should be a period after “over”. Start a new sentence with “Instead”. Put a comma after “people”. The last sentence should read, “Maybe if we spend more time educating others instead of bashing them, the world would be a better place.” Please educate yourself before you try to “educate” others.

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