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Bring Our Yorkie Home

Yesterday, a member of our family went missing. Some people may think that dogs are just pets, but that's not the mentality in our household. Marley, our Yorkie, is a very important member of our family. Yesterday morning, we realized she may have slipped out the door of our apartment on the third floor of a building. Our neighbors had left the storm door and front door open, only furthering our beliefs that she had gotten away. We checked every last inch of our apartment to see if she was playing a game of hide-and-seek, and when we realized it wasn't a game - we ran out in the cold looking for our baby. There are almost a hundred fliers in our neighborhood in Bushwick, we can just only hope that whoever found her would return her. We followed prints in the snow that look to be the size of hers, running sporadically in and out of fences on our block. It didn't look like this dog was on a leash of any kind, which leads us to believe that it is, in fact, our Marley. The tracks in the snow ended at a certain door, where we saw shoe prints of a human. It looked like they stepped out to open the door, pick up the animal, and bring her back in. There were no shoe prints in the snow of the person ever leaving the property. We knocked and knocked, but no one answered the door. We left a flier on their gate, and when we returned later, there were no new shoe/foot prints leaving the property, but our flier was gone and the door to the gate was locked. Please spread this picture of our dog. If anyone sees her in that area, we need to know so we can contact authorities. We live in Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY). This is all in the vicinity of Bushwick Avenue and Halsey Street. Bring Marley home. (Marley, being an inside dog, unfortunately was not wearing her collar at the time.) Please email with any information.

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