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    Fun Facts About "Spice World" That Will Blow Your Mind

    It's not just a nostalgia bomb without a plot, there's some stuff about Spice World that will genuinely surprise you.

    First things first, kemosabe. Hit play.

    The movie was a reunion for Meatloaf and Richard O'Brien, who had not worked together since 1975, when they were in "Rocky Horror Picture Show" together


    Also I somehow didn't realize Meatloaf was the driver of the Spice Bus until he referenced his own song, at which point I'm pretty sure my brain melted.

    The movie had last-minute edits made to remove mentions of Princess Diana and Gianni Versace, who both passed away between filming and release

    You guys, was Spice World cursed?

    There was originally a scene featuring Gary Glitter, but it was cut weeks before the film was released when he was arrested on charges of posessing child pornography

    View this video on YouTube


    Eesh, talk about timing.

    Now let's play a game I like to call:


    View this video on YouTube

    Hugh Laurie


    View this video on YouTube

    Stephen Fry


    Elvis Costello



    Bob Geldof, who apparently did the movie because his daughters were "obsessed" with the Spice Girls, which is just adorable.


    View this video on YouTube

    Jennifer Saunders


    View this video on YouTube

    Dominic West

    I mean, seriously - EVERYONE is in this movie.

    This movie also passes the Bechdel Test! Clearly you need to give "Spice World" another go. At the very least you owe yourself a dance party with "Spice Up Your Life" turned up to 11. GIRL POWER.

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