18 Animals Who Love Spring Break

It’s Spring Break, and you know what that means…

1. It’s time to party!

2. First things first, let’s hit up the beach before it gets too crowded

3. Grab a buddy and take a surfing lesson

4. Or maybe soaking up the rays is more your style

5. Just remember to stay well stocked on beverages!

6. Beach getting crowded? No problem - Just move the party to a boat!

7. A sailboat works, too

8. Always make sure everyone’s wearing proper safety gear!

9. Speaking of gear, you could always go for a dive

10. Time for another round of drinks, then it’s off to the pool

11. Make sure to invite all of your friends

12. Grab a raft and relax!

13. In a pinch a kiddie pool will do

14. Don’t forget to bring a towel!

15. Once the sun sets, it’s time to hit the bars

16. Maybe even do a little dancing

17. The next morning is never fun, especially when you have to get up early to pack

18. In fact the only thing worse is getting home and realizing you still have to write that paper

Hey, it’s better than staying home the whole time though, right?

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