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35 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Season 6 Premiere Of Girls

Episode 1 of season 6 of Girls is kicking off this season with lots of laughs and reminds us why we love these characters. So many thoughts went through my head as I watched the premiere...what were you thinking?

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1. It's back, it's finally back!!

2. But I'm sad it's the final season

3. Dang, Hannah is like a big deal now. My baby made it!

4. Shosh is such a little hater

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5. Does Shailene Woodley really open her va-jay-jay in a remote area to let sunshine in?

6. Where in the world does Hannah get her random facts?

7. Ugh, I can't with Marnie and her online therapist! Such a millennial. Like the bad kind, not cool like me.

8. If someone stays at your apartment for months, they definitely live with you.

9. How is "probably like 15" considered a teeny, tiny, little orgy?

10. I want to be as close of friends with someone as Elijah is with Hannah.

11. Did he just say, "You don't need an acting class when you plan on f*@king your way to the middle?!!!"

12. Elijah needs his own show!!!

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13. She is quite pale, but that's rude to shout that information across the room, lady.

14. Oh, The Night of Dude is in this episode!!

15. I'm still not OK with Jessa and Adam's relationship. She is way too comfortable... all nude and stuff.

16. Why are these obnoxious women taking this surfing class so seriously? They've already ruined yoga...

17. Who wants to get a va-jay-jay tan?

18. Why is Hannah calling her forearm a front arm?

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19. She is wasting so many large drinks on her clothes, lol!

20. He just killed that Twista rap! I can totally rap that part!

21. Ok, I just googled the lyrics, I've been saying them wrong all along.

22. Oh yes Night Of dude, she's totally going to give it up to you later.

23. Well, that got awkward. They should just stop. Can't. Stop. Watching.

24. The moment you realize your boo and his ex boo have way more in common than you two ever could.

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25. Even if you don't remember much about the night before, all that matters is that you don't feel violated in any way... Sound logic, Hannah.

26. Clearly the bush is totally back in and we obviously need to use it as the Lord intended to protect our va-jay-jays.

27. Who just plans to cry later?

28. Omg!! I used to LOVE Hangin with Mr. Cooper!

29. The name Paul-Louis is annoying. I want him to stop saying it.

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30. Marnie, make up your mind girl! Why are you sleeping with him?

31. Don't rearrange your entire life girl, you just met him.

32. Did he just say "open relationship"?

33. That's a new one, to be in an open relationship except when on trips

34. Ugh, I hate being tickled too.

35. That moment when you try to pretend you're cool and don't mind hanging with someone in an open relationship, but you really hate your life...

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