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11 Amazing Things That Could Only Happen In Vegas

After all, Vegas is a one-of-a-kind experience.

1. A surprise suite upgrade when you check into your hotel.

2. Visit every major international landmark in a single day.

3. Be serenaded by your favorite legendary diva.

4. Take the ride of your life in the car of your dreams.

5. Get VIP treatment at a swanky nightclub for the first time.

6. Eat some of the best food of your life at a five-star restaurant.

7. Walk by a celebrity or several on your way to your hotel.

8. Experience the ~*MAGIC*~ of any of Vegas's incredible shows.

9. Zip-line down Fremont Street with thousands watching below.

10. See one of the most incredible fountain shows in the world.

11. Have the adventure of a lifetime.

Visit Las Vegas this summer and get your adventure started!