• 1. Change a tire.

    Change a tire.

    Avoid the judging looks from the tow truck guys by learning how to change your tires.

  • 2. Fire a gun.

    Fire a gun.

    You know, just in case of zombie apocalypse or hungry grizzlies.

  • 3. Grow an epic beard.

    Grow an epic beard.

    Especially because Octobeard is coming up.

  • 4. Recite classic James Bond lines instantly.

    Particularly those from the Sean Connery films. Obviously.

  • 5. Tell the difference between cheap beer and good beer.

    Tell the difference between cheap beer and good beer.

    Even if the beer is only just crossing the line into “good” territory, you need to know the boundary. And know it well.

  • 6. Eat a 36-ounce steak.

    Eat a 36-ounce steak.

    Few have attempted this delicious feat, and even fewer have accomplished it. Doing so, however, is the mark of a real champion among men.

  • 7. Go to Las Vegas.

    Go to Las Vegas.

    Hey, I’m not saying you should keep up the same pace the guys in The Hangover did, but you gotta try it at least once. Particularly for a bachelor’s party.

  • 8. Tame a lion.

    Tame a lion.

    A real man can treat human and beast as one.

  • 9. Fishing And Football.

    Watch Tim Allen as he watches football, goes fishing, and learns how to (attempt to) balance these manly activities with the demands of raising his three daughters. Check out his new show, Last Man Standing, premiering Tuesday Oct 11, 8|7c on ABC!